Material :  Wood
Width :  12.0 Inches
Thickness :  5.0 Inches
Height :  24.0 Inches
Weight :  7.6 KG
God of wisdom and Talent
Artistically deep carved statue.
All minute details are carved carefully.



  • This entire statue is carved in wood by south Indian artisan in south Indian style. Artisan has added two weeks of effort to carve this nice wooden statue.
  • This statue has been carved by covering all minute details according to Hindu scripts.
  • Statue has not been coated by any type of polishing material to retain its natural look. Hence you will find natural shades of wood on this statue which will enhance its natural beauty.
  • This statue can be used for offering prayer in your prayer room or you can keep this statue at the entrance of your flat to enhance divinity of your venue.
  • This statue can be placed in your office cabin to make your work place more divine.


According to Hindu scripts, Vinayak is a god of wisdom and commonsence. Hindu’s always offer their first prayers to Vinayak and later they complete rest of the rituals. Even kids offer prayers to Vinayak before getting in to schools with the understanding that now on they are going to take knowledge from teacher but let god Vinayak bless them with commonsence in using the knowledge in right direction.

According to holy scripts, while mahadev was busy with meditation, parvati got bored and she made a statue out of clay. Later she added life to that statue with the power that she had and named as Vinayak. Over a duration of time Vinayak has become her favourate and later she accepted him as her child. Whenever Parvati was going for bath, Vinayak used to guard her premises according to parvati’s order and was not allowing any one to get inside.

One day Mahadev completed his meditation and returned to Kailasa to meet Parvati. As usual Vinayaka was guarding her premises, unaware of the fact that Shiva is his father and he stopped him from entering premises. Even after repeated requests by Mahadev, Vinayak didnt allowed Mahadev to enter Parvatis premises according to her order. Due to Vinayak’s arrogance, Mahadev lost his cool and he beheaded Vinayak with his trishul(Weapon used by Mahadev).

When parvati came to know about this incident she got angry and ordered shiva to give life back to Vinayak. Out of fear shiva asked his Gana’s (Soldires) to get head of any one from north direction. Accordingly his Gana’s found elephant sleeping in north direction and brough its head. Later shiva joined elephants head to Vinayak’s body and thus Vinayak became elephant headed god (In sanskrit Gajanana).

After this incident Mahadev made Vinayak as head of his Gana’s and thus he became Ganapati. At the same time Ganesha has been blessed by parvati to get first rights of prayer offered to god’s as he is considered to be vighna vinashaka.

Like this there are many mythological stories related to different incidents and to know more about Ganesh and related stories, do send us emails to


  • We pack this statue in 7 ply hard card board box with THE ANCIENT BEAUTY logo printed on it. For cushioning we use Instapak Quick RT foam to avoid any damages/outside shock during shipping. For more information you can refer to our PACKAGING STANDARD page under INFORMATION tab. If you still have any questions regarding our packaging standards then do drop us an email at We are more than happy to address your queries.
  • We are shipping and delivering this statue by using BLUE DART Cargo. After shipping we will send an email to your address with tracking details.


We do not entertain any returns unless the description given on the product is 100% deviating prom the product that you have received.
As every product in TAB is insured against damaging that occurs during shipping, we can claim such damages with insurance company and will refund your complete amount upon receiving damaged product and we will bear the cost of shipping damaged product back to our warehouse. We will do everything to keep you satisfied and protect both parties against any loss.

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