Material : Stone
Length : 3.0 Inches
Thickness : 2.0 Inches
Height : 5.0 Inches
Weight : 400 Gram
Goddess of wealth
Artistically deep carved statue.
All minute details are carved carefully.



This entire statue is carved in stone by north Indian artisan in north Indian style. Artisan has added 8 days of effort to carve this nice stone statue.

This statue has been carved by covering all minute details according to Hindu scripts.

Statue has not been coated with any type of polishing material to retain its natural look. Hence you will find natural shades of stone on this statue which will enhance its natural beauty.

This statue can also be placed in showcase by placing a spot light above this or can be placed over office desk.

This statue can be placed in your prayer room  for offering prayer or on office desk or in financial institutes.



Mahalakshmi is a godess of wealth and also she is a wife of shriman Narayana. According to hindu scripts While churning of sea by God’s and Demon’s, Mahalakshmi came out and became a wife of Shriman Narayana.

Hindu’s offer prayers and follow certain rituals to please godess of wealth. Generally Friday is considered as day to offer prayers to Mahalakshmi.

Especially in south india, mainly married woman follow certain rituals like Valakshmi pooja, Vaibhava lakshmi pooja to please and get blessings of Godess Mahalakshmi.

During Navaratri period most of the shop keepers and businessmen offer prayers to Mahalakshmi to get her blessings to boost their business and during this prayer they do intsall statue of Mahalaksmi and offer prayers through priests. This ritual is very well known as Lakshmi Poojana.

Like this there are many rituals to get blessings of godess Mahalakshmi and to know more do drop us an email to


We pack this statue in small card board box with sufficient cushion to protect statue from any damages.


We do not entertain any returns unless the description and pictures given on the web site is 100% deviating from the product that you have received due to human errors.

As every product in TAB is insured against damaging that occurs during shipping, we can claim such damages with insurance company and will refund your complete amount upon receiving damaged product and we will bear the cost of shipping damaged product back to our warehouse. We will do everything to keep you satisfied and protect both parties against any loss.

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